What’s the purpose of including a professional coach as part of your business team?

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Every business requires a team of support people who you turn to for help and advise. So choosing professionals that will help you be a success is super important and finding the right people that are a good fit for you and your business can be difficult. A good rule of thumb is to find professionals that you are comfortable working with, that you have access to when you need it and are skilled in the areas you need it most! These professionals are most important to the development and growth of where you want your business to grow too.


So a business or life coach may be on that list, Instead of solving your problems and simply answering your questions, a professional coach will empower you by asking you powerful questions that make you think!


After all you own your own information, you know your life and your business but sometimes you are looping the same questions over and over again or the same information and you simply can’t break the cycle until a whole new question or train of thought interrupts that often frustrating process of where you feel like you were hitting your head against a brick wall.


Have you ever had the experience where you have this “problem” and you think about it constantly, you write it down, you speak it out load to the universe, you even may research it on google but you end up feeling even more lost and cranky about it to the point where you want to give up!


What a professional coach helps you do, is helps you solve your own problem or situation that you feel you are stuck in and with the right guidance. Your professional coach will help you elevate your progress and success. Simply by listening to understand, looking at it from your point of view, removing their personal agenda and genuinely helping you breakthrough that problem or situation you had.


There is a big difference between an accredited professional coach and a someone who is not.

Question: If you had to get a surgical procedure done would you go to a doctor who was qualified and trained in that field or would you rock up to someone who has no education at all on how to do your procedure?

I guess it depends on the quality of the results you are seeking as to who you hire.


So what is keeping you stuck, what do you want to achieve? If you are considering adding a professional coach to your 2019 success team lets chat to see if this is something that would be a good fit for you and your business.

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Grow 2019 into something you love! ❤️


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Happiness, belief, confidence, dedication, choices, actions, decisions, movement, loyalty, behaviour, commitment, strength!

These are some of the things that you need to do to make things happen in your life.

From losing weight to saving money, to making new friends, starting a new job, business or hobby. Your life itself is made up of these things daily not the big end goal of …… but the small decisions from moment to moment.

It’s like do you eat the cake or the piece of fruit? Do you go for a walk or sit on your phone scrolling for hours? Do you take the leap and join a new sport or community organisation? Do you start working daily on something you love so one day it’s paying your bills?

Instead of the big flashy New Years resolution or the 5 year plan (which is great to have) Sometimes in life we just need to make one small non overwhelming decision to do something positive for ourselves. Work on that and let that become a real habit that you enjoy and do well then move onto the next positive thing which adds another level of happiness, confidence or fun to your life.

Having big goals is great and dreaming big is important but it’s always our decisions and the small things done daily that we live through and ultimately make up who we are, where we live, the people we associate with in our life and our happiness.

Your journey is yours, so own it!
Make 2019 a year of achieving one thing really well so you feel accomplished, happy and confident then move on to the next thing. Nothing is impossible, you can do anything you set your mind too!
Live your best life and grow 2019 into whatever you want it to be!
Kylee Bassett

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What does a New Year’s resolution mean to you and what’s the point of setting one?

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A New Year Resolution is simply a goal you would like to achieve, for most it’s either losing weight or something financial.

So for your New Years Resolution to be successfully achieved you really need to put some solid thinking into what it is you actually want!

Not on a whim or if you won the lotto but something real that you can work towards with excitement, passion and most importantly something that you can truly take ownership of.

So if your goal or NYR was to lose weight then there are a few questions you need to ask yourself.

Why do you want to lose weight?

How will you feel when you’ve lost that weight?

What would losing the weight do for your self confidence, self esteem and energy levels?

Considering the challenges of overcoming old habits that don’t serve you, how important is it to you to achieve this new weight goal ?

Write a list of all the payoffs and benefits that will happen by achieving this.

Remember that to break an old habit it takes time, persistence and doing small simple things DAILY, to replace the old behaviours and habits that got you to where you’re at now.

Learn to avoid triggers that set off things such as emotional eating or stress eating and try to adopt a new habit in its place.

Success often happens when you team up with someone on the same path. It maybe someone you know but it maybe a new friend who also needs a buddy to walk with or go to the gym with. This person whoever it may be for you will be a positive, encouraging and supportive person who cheers you on each step of the way.

So your four key elements to a New Years Resolution is

  1. Establish why this goal is important and the payoffs and benefits you will get from achieving it.
  2. Plan your road map to successfully achieving this goal. What’s your plan? And if plan A doesn’t work what’s plan B and then plan C . If you find lots of ways to get to your destination then you won’t lose faith and fall back into your old bad habits.

3.Figure out what your triggers are for the bad habits such as 2pm slump chocolate and coffee and learn to find an empowering new thing to do instead.

4.Team up! Who’s on your team whether it’s a walking buddy, a new group sport or a new fitness coach find someone who is really going to support your new lifestyle and goals.

As you’ve probably guessed, it takes more than just good intentions to alter our daily habits, behaviours and routines. If you’re serious about making a real change then you need to put in the work to implement it as part of your lifestyle and not some quick fixes that are setting you up for failure.

Cheers to YOU achieving your New Years Resolutions


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Why focus is your new super power

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Have you ever noticed the joy, fulfillment and productivity you had when you were in “The Zone” you know that feeling like you were getting things done, crossing off your to do list or creating change or a positive impact in some way? What about when you were simply just giving 100% of your attention to your child just sitting there on the floor playing blocks, dolls or colouring in? Or how about the time when you channelled all your energies into solving a problem with no distractions but you were creative and explored options on what was the best way to solve that problem? It’s a good feeling right! It is the moments that when we are focused, centered and truly in the moment that we get the most out of life.

This kind of behaviour is something we can all do, it is a choice because everyone is busy, super busy in fact, but somehow we still manage to do the things we need to do generally by multitasking or by prioritizing the things we think have to get done. We may not be as fulfilled or have as an enjoyable experience because we have let our minds go in a million different directions while trying to do that one job, like thinking about the 7 things we didn’t do before we left home, what we need to do to meet deadlines at work and did I leave the hair straightener on in the bathroom? See we are excellent at overwhelm and distraction.

The benefits of staying focused even for small amounts of time on one particular task at a time will help you not only accomplish more but accomplish it well plus it will have more meaning and that time spent literally staying in that zone will help you feel more fulfilled and fulfillment is where you win!

But if you are saying “ I am a super multitasker, I don’t need to focus just on one thing at a time” That is totally cool, we are all different and maybe that is your super power however I would ask the question what’s the pay off or what do you get from being a “ Super Multitasker?” I do agree there are times when we multitask and its relevance to the situation but sometimes the ability to stop and focus on one specific task, errand or even if its spending time with your family is far more important and rewarding.
The great news is that whether your power is to be “Super Focused” or a “ Super Multitasker” is entirely your choice but it is always great to know that the quality of your life is based upon how you spend your time, your mind set and living up to your values and beliefs.

So my challenge for you is to look at your day and the areas of your life and see where using your new super power “Focus” is going to help you create better, happier, more productive and fulfilling moments in your life.

I’d love to hear how this has helped you,



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What’s your learning style and how to use it to your advantage

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Have you ever heard someone say “what does that look like” “ how does that sound” “what does that feel like”. That is because we all absorb information in different ways and we tend to have a particular way that we understand somethings one way better than another way.

For example I am a visual person so if someone was to tell me directions I would probably ask them to write it down for me or I would look up the directions on a map so I could see it.


There is no right or wrong way as there are many different learning styles. According to Richard Felder who in the late 1980’s focused his career on educational research he believes that while learning styles do not provide a complete picture, they can provide a framework of how we learn.


See if you can relate to any of these learning styles that Richard Felder has discovered:

Active learners like group work and understand  best by doing something active with the information they have learned.

Reflective learners are people who retain information better by stopping to review and think about what they have read and ask questions or think about how that information could be used.

Sensing learners like learning the facts and are good at memorizing details and are practical type people.

Intuitive learners are thinking people and like learning through discovery and using their intuition.

Visual learners learn best when they see or read something such as a document, diagram, picture or video

Verbal learners understand information simply by listening either to a teacher, instructor or even things now such as webinars, training calls, audio books and podcasts.

Sequential learners are people who like learning things step by step and have quite a logical mind. If you are a sequential learner you won’t like jumping from topic to topic.

Global learners are people who learn not by the step by step method but are more likely to skim through all the information and can put together the overall picture quickly.


Essentially we all have some of these characteristics or learning styles but most of us tend to favour one or two more so. So how do you think you learn?


Once you recognise your learning style you will tend to become more aware and less stressed next time you are in a situation where you need to retain some information. This is super important so you can achieve the best for yourself, become more confident and feel more competent in what you are doing. It is also good to recognise what ways you don’t learn or retain information as well, so you can set yourself up for success by doing what works best for you.


This does not relate just to a classroom or meeting room situation but it could be simply to remember a person’s name, which is a common thing people say they tend to forget. So next time you meet someone and you want to remember their name what action will you do remember it?

I’d love to hear how this has helped you,


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Being Happy vs Flourishing

Most people have a basic idea on what happiness means to them, for most it is the feeling of good emotions, participating in fun activities, surrounding yourself with good people and in general, you simply are enjoying your journey of life.

This is a great place to be however if you are not flourishing you may not be feeling very fulfilled. This this the next level happiness this is where you feel a deep sense of happiness,  joy,  love and contentment right down in the core of your being.

To flourish is to not just be happy on the surface and preach “positive quotes” but to have a real sense of fulfillment through growing as a person learning new things, goal achievement and the rewarding experience of contributing to others by making a positive impact on someone else’s life.

This can be done in a few ways the most simplest and inexpensive way is just to be kind, smile and say hi to someone. A good place to start is at home practice this with your family learn to connect with each other make the people in your life a priority give them your time and energy. Life is short and your time is the most precious thing you have to give. 

Listen, yes this is a rare gift when given properly! Have you ever been in a conversation and the other person kept looking at their phone, a computer screen or everything else that was going on. How did that make you feel? Did you feel you were being  heard? did you feel that you were being respected or important? or did you feel like you were an interruption to someones day and you and your words were of no significance? This is clearly not a happy feeling at all and yet it is a feeling that most people experience daily! The only way to change this is to start with ourselves by changing our behaviour and to make the person more valuable than the phone, computer etc..

It reminds me of a great quote by Jim Rohn

“For things to change, YOU have to change. For things to get better, YOU have to get better. For things to improve, YOU have to improve. When YOU grow, EVERYTHING in your life grows with you.”

This is the key to connection and yes there are many ways to connect with people and contribute and make a positive impact on someone else’s life but this is the very best place to start. Master this very basic gift of genuinely listening from your heart without distraction and showing the other person your undivided attention. Just think for one moment the last time someone did this for you, did you feel heard? did you feel connected? did you feel respected or important on some level? did you feel accepted? did you feel worthy? did you feel happiness and joy as you left that conversation? Yes? of course you did I bet you felt amazing!!

Here are some key tips to help you give your gift of listening:

Pay attention by putting your phone away to start with, then looking at the person- eye contact preferably. Whilst in conversation participate in active listening by focusing on the words they are saying and are not saying. What the message is and pay attention to the body language and the emotion they are displaying. Do not think about yourself or what you are going to say next, be present by Showing the person that you are listening through your body language such as the way you are standing or sitting. Where possible you will want to be standing front on or sitting next to them or to the side of them. By being involved in the conversation you will be nodding to acknowledge you understand them.

Provide feedback by paraphrasing or asking questions this will help you confirm you have understood the message they are trying to convey. This is not being a parrot but sincerely clarifying what you have heard. 

Deferring judgement it is important to hear the person out, let them finish and absorb what they have said before responding. Sometimes to do this you may have to take a breath and remind yourself you are here for them not you. Remember that no two people are the same and we all think differently so you may not agree with that person but it does not make them wrong and you right, what you are hearing is their knowledge, experience and understanding of what they have told you. Maybe you can learn something from this? Maybe you have heard of something you can help them with but in a kind, helpful way.

Respond appropriately by being respectful with compassion and understand that while they are talking the spotlight is on them and give them the time and attention you would wish to be given. This is the “biggy” I know you are sitting there thinking about what you can say next or what they said is wrong and how to correct them. Instead just jump in their shoes and seriously look at it from their point of view how does it feel, does the conversation look different when you do this and how different could your response be now?

I hope this has helped you learn the basic difference between being happy and flourishing. For more help, insight or coaching feel free to reach out to me.

It’s time to flourish,






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Coach Kylee..

I am a hope giver.
I am a entrepreneur
I empower women
I am real
I am authentic
I am a thinker
I am a dreamer
I love to help people
I believe there is greatness in doing the action
I dream big
I seek to understand
Being kind is essential to my character
I look for the potential
I work for the results I want
I believe respect is earned
I can be laser focused and as distracted as a squirrel
I offer an environment where you can personally grow, learn and create a future of fun, excitement and financial independence.
I lock arms with people who want to do the same thing and create life long friendships and freedom together.
Sound like you too?
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